My simple motivation tips for exercising


Okay, so you read my blog ‘things you should know before getting fit and active’ and have written down the reasons why you are pursuing an active lifestyle. Remember, this is your motive, the very essence of why you should achieve your goal and from this you will root your motivation. Now you are looking for some other things you can do to help you stay motivated and focused on your new lifestyle.

I have listed five simple tips below that can help you stick to your goals.

1. Show your motives and goal

Once you have written your reasons for exercising and benchmarked what you want to achieve; display it. Show yourself you are serious and focused by facing your motive and goals every single day.  The reason people lose interest in exercising is because they forget why they are doing it, what they want to achieve for this hard work. Seeing it every day will be a good reminder to stay focused.

2. Find inspiration and flaunt it

Inspirational stimuli can be very effective. Research and find the most appropriate for you and your goals or whatever makes you spark inside. Print them off and stick them on your bedroom wall or wardrobe mirror. This will help you jump start your day for exercise, work and everyday activities in general.

3. Keep your gear in your sight

One way to keep motivated is to have your gear out in the open all the time. Always prepare the night before by leaving your workout gear out and ready to go. Whether it’s your yoga mat, runner’s or even just your water bottle this will give yourself a visual reminder to get active.

4. Commit Publicly

It is easier to back down from your goals when the only person you’re answering to is yourself. None of us like to look bad in front of others and it’s in our nature to go the extra mile when it comes to meeting others expectations. Use this to your advantage. Be open about what you are doing and what you want to achieve. Example: Don’t just say you’re going to do a marathon or a fun run, sign up, and then tell people you’ve registered to do it. This will help you follow through on your words.

5. Associate yourself with the lifestyle you want

If being healthy and fit is what you want for your life then make it part of your life. Some of the biggest deterrents are the people and things around you. What you should do is join a forum, Facebook page, Google+ community, walking group…well anything that will get you meeting or reading about likeminded and inspirational people. This way you can get more tips and ideas from real people trying to achieve a healthier way of living just like you!

These are just some of the simple things I do to keep me in check with my exercise goals. Give them a go and see if it helps you on your journey. Remember stick to it! Motivation is nothing without discipline. Next week I will post about choosing the right exercise for you. 

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