A party in the park – a few essentials

As the weather starts cooling down a little, it’s finally becoming bearable to sit in a park for a few hours and enjoy the fresh air.

If you are catching up with friends, celebrating a birthday, or just want a change, head out to your local park for a picnic or party in the park.

All you need is a few essentials, and you are set for a glorious afternoon!

1 – Rug or chairs (or both)

Do you remember going to the park as a child, laying out a huge picnic blanket and setting up camp for a few hours? You can re-create this, and maybe throw in some cushions for a bit of extra comfort! Don’t forget to take some camping chairs too to make the eating part a little easier…

2 – DiningFood Table table

Scout out your park first to see if you can nab a picnic table, preferably in the shade. If not, rummage around in your garage to see if you have a fold up trestle table. You can also pick these up pretty cheap from your local hardware store. All you need is a little presentation with the table setting, and you could be anywhere.  Take along a big table cloth and a little glass jar or vase, and pick some flowers as you are setting up. If you have children, here is a little task you can put onto them! There is no challenge they can refuse.

 3 – Cold drinks, cups & plates

One thing people often forget is the drinks! Freeze some ice bricks the night before (or some old drink containers filled with water), and just as you are about to leave, pop them in an esky or cooler bag with your pre-chilled beverages. Don’t forget to throw in some matching disposable cups & plates too!

 4 – Yummy treats

When planning your menu, think of things that can travel well, and still taste nice after cooling down. Think – quiches, sub-rolls with yummy fillings (ham off the bone, Swiss cheese, tomatoes & seeded mustard OR chicken, lettuce, avo, curried mayo & pineapple) wrapped in bakers paper tied up with string, capsicum rice tarts, party pies & sausage rolls. If you wanted to go gourmet, make some soup and put it in a thermos – take along some shot glasses or little sauce dishes & serve as an entree. Don’t forget the bread rolls!!!

Add some homemade slices, like ginger crunch, chocolate cherry ripe slice, or a childhood classic caramel slice for dessert and you will have yourself a happy, full belly.

To make your table look extra special, why not pack some nice serving dishes or platters. Think about what foods will go on each plate, so you don’t end up carting half your kitchen through the park!

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